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CrossFit Jane is a family owned and operated grassroots CrossFit community striving for growth and progress in every area of our lives.  We want to share this mission with neighbors, friends, family and our children.  We are here for everyday people, the families young and old who want to come together to live longer, healthier and happier lives.  We are committed to building better versions of ourselves.

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Spend 3 minutes going over the Turkish Get Up and 5 minutes practicing. Start light and you may work up in weight. Use DB's today considering what we know about DB's and the Open.


4 rounds

1:00 DB Burpee Box Step ups

1:00 Rest

1:00 Assault Bike Calories

1:00 Rest

1:00 to perform 20 Medicine Ball Cleans

1:00 Rest

*This is not for score. Today is about familiarizing ourselves with a new DB movement. Take your time and move well. 

On the dumbbell burpee box step-ups, this is what we are looking for:
1) DB’s on ground, hands on. Perform a burpee.
2) Stand with the DB’s, and step up onto the box.
3) Repetition completes with full extension on top of the box.

Methodical pace throughout this movement. As you step on the box, place the entire foot on the surface. This will allow you to drive your heel into the box and stand with the more powerful hamstring, vice quad. On every step off the box, absorb the ground beneath with a soft knee.

In this movement, the most important piece is to set our back as we lift the DB’s off the ground. Resting on the ground lower than our barbell when loaded with plates, we need to take additional focus to deadlifting. Assume a slightly more squatty stance to maintain the neutral lumbar.

Celebrating Amber!