CrossFit Jane

CrossFit Jane is a family owned and operated grassroots CrossFit community striving for growth and progress in every area of our lives.  We want to share this mission with neighbors, friends, family and our children.  We are here for everyday people, the families young and old who want to come together to live longer, healthier and happier lives.  We are committed to building better versions of ourselves.

Join us.



5 sets of:

Back Squat x 10 / rest :30

Single Arm Dumbbell Rows x 10 (each arm) / rest :30

Heavy Kettlebell Swings x 10 / rest :30

Dumbell Strict Press x 10

Rest 2:00 between sets


*There is no seperate strength session and wod. This is one continuous piece. Please try and stick to the allotted rest after each movement and set.

As consumers we need to think. It does not matter how many labels or warnings the government issues about food products, we need to think for ourselves and be proactive with each purchase we make. Every time we put food into our body, we are making a choice to either make ourselves better or make ourselves worse.

Our friend, Jack, asked Jaime to start a conversation about nutrition on his blog.  Check it out: "Ring the Dinner Bell: Time to Think."