CrossFit Jane

CrossFit Jane is a family owned and operated grassroots CrossFit community striving for growth and progress in every area of our lives.  We want to share this mission with neighbors, friends, family and our children.  We are here for everyday people, the families young and old who want to come together to live longer, healthier and happier lives.  We are committed to building better versions of ourselves.

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Letter to my younger self

Dear Younger Self,

Be grateful and find gratitude in every situation. -Sara

You are much stronger than you think you are. -Jaime

Don’t be in a hurry to be an adult. The job, marriage, kids and numerous other responsibilities will all come in due time. Enjoy the freedom that you have now. -Becca

Take responsibility for your thoughts, actions, etc. -Sara

You can only change yourself. Work on being the best version of yourself and you will attract the right kind of people. -Jaime

Travel, make a lot more friends, try every new thing (as long as it is legal - mostly), and for goodness’ sake stop eating so much crap. Your body and mind will thank you for all of these things. -Becca

Be honest. -Sara

Read multiple perspectives and ask questions. -Jaime

Find somewhere you want to volunteer your time regularly and do so. Make making a difference a priority. -Becca

Take a leap and try something that scares you. You may be surprised by the outcome. -Sara

It's okay to be scared or sad. -Jaime

Give people a break and take off your judgy-judger pants. You don’t know everything, and you certainly have not been in others’ shoes. -Becca

You don't need to be in control all the time, and it's ok to have help. -Sara

Find strong, smart role models. Watch women that have it together and write their own story. Learn from them. -Jaime

Give help and ask for it. -Becca

You actually don't know everything. -Sara

Hug your mom and dad every chance you get. -Jaime

You always figure it out. So revel in that process and not just the solution. -Becca

What is important to you? Remember these things and make them a priority. -Sara

Laugh hard and often. -Jaime

Learn how to use tools to fix your own stuff, how your car works, how to negotiate, and how to let go. -Becca

It is ok to make yourself a priority. It is even more ok to help others and get absolutely nothing in return.-Sara

Just eat real food. Please don’t eat a low-fat diet. -Jaime

Love what you do and who you are with - deeply. And appreciate that you can every day. -Becca

You will never be perfect and that is perfectly ok. -Sara

Relax. Worry is a misuse of the imagination. Just breathe. -Jaime

You don't need to have your whole life figured out. Be a work in progress. Be flexible enough to allow yourself to be changed by experiences and people around you. -Sara

Get a good night's sleep and reevaluate in the morning. I promise it will not seem like such a big deal. -Jaime

Life doesn't end after your 20's.  You can make amazing things happen after your 20's! -Sara

Listen to honesty, even when it hurts. There is no point getting defensive. Own it and work to change what you don’t like. -Jaime