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Letter to my younger self

Dear Younger Self,

Be grateful and find gratitude in every situation. -Sara

You are much stronger than you think you are. -Jaime

Don’t be in a hurry to be an adult. The job, marriage, kids and numerous other responsibilities will all come in due time. Enjoy the freedom that you have now. -Becca

Take responsibility for your thoughts, actions, etc. -Sara

You can only change yourself. Work on being the best version of yourself and you will attract the right kind of people. -Jaime

Travel, make a lot more friends, try every new thing (as long as it is legal - mostly), and for goodness’ sake stop eating so much crap. Your body and mind will thank you for all of these things. -Becca

Be honest. -Sara

Read multiple perspectives and ask questions. -Jaime

Find somewhere you want to volunteer your time regularly and do so. Make making a difference a priority. -Becca

Take a leap and try something that scares you. You may be surprised by the outcome. -Sara

It's okay to be scared or sad. -Jaime

Give people a break and take off your judgy-judger pants. You don’t know everything, and you certainly have not been in others’ shoes. -Becca

You don't need to be in control all the time, and it's ok to have help. -Sara

Find strong, smart role models. Watch women that have it together and write their own story. Learn from them. -Jaime

Give help and ask for it. -Becca

You actually don't know everything. -Sara

Hug your mom and dad every chance you get. -Jaime

You always figure it out. So revel in that process and not just the solution. -Becca

What is important to you? Remember these things and make them a priority. -Sara

Laugh hard and often. -Jaime

Learn how to use tools to fix your own stuff, how your car works, how to negotiate, and how to let go. -Becca

It is ok to make yourself a priority. It is even more ok to help others and get absolutely nothing in return.-Sara

Just eat real food. Please don’t eat a low-fat diet. -Jaime

Love what you do and who you are with - deeply. And appreciate that you can every day. -Becca

You will never be perfect and that is perfectly ok. -Sara

Relax. Worry is a misuse of the imagination. Just breathe. -Jaime

You don't need to have your whole life figured out. Be a work in progress. Be flexible enough to allow yourself to be changed by experiences and people around you. -Sara

Get a good night's sleep and reevaluate in the morning. I promise it will not seem like such a big deal. -Jaime

Life doesn't end after your 20's.  You can make amazing things happen after your 20's! -Sara

Listen to honesty, even when it hurts. There is no point getting defensive. Own it and work to change what you don’t like. -Jaime