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A Coach's View gives you a small glimpse into the mind and heart of your CFJ coaches. 

We Don’t Have Machines

A Coach’s View…

Skipping CrossFit is not like skipping exercise. Skipping CrossFit is skipping class, a class that you committed to attend. A class where you will be marked present or absent on the board with either a score or a DNS (Did Not Show). A class where your coaches will text or email you to make sure you are okay if they do not hear from you.

At a traditional gym, the machines will not ask you why you didn’t show up.  Those machines will not ask you to please arrive on time. They will not ask you about your nutrition or if you ate that morning. They will not tell you to focus on mobility.  

But do you know what else those machines will not do? Those machines will not spend hours in meetings each week discussing what is best for your progress.  Those machines will not plan nutrition workshops to help you and your family become healthier. Those machines will not scream and jump up and down in celebration  when you reach a goal or do something awesome.  Those machines will not give you a customized workout when you have an injury.  Those machines will not email or text to check on you when life happens. Those machines will not rally around to push you to finish a hard WOD.

We understand that people and/or kids get sick. Sometimes, there is something truly out of your control. Yet the majority of the time, people believe they just get too busy or have too much to do. They started CrossFit to make their health a priority in their life, so don’t let it be the expendable item on the to do list.  Make an appointment to show up to class. Put it on your calendar. Make it a priority.  

We have always been about accountability at CrossFit Jane. We are about showing up and encouraging each other.  You sign up for classes and we design plans with you in mind. In some cases, the class would not even exist if you had not signed up.  You are not a number. You are an individual athlete. We know your name, mobility, ability level, goals, choice in music, fashion habits and so much more.  If you do not want to be called out or held accountable for showing up, you can find machines. We don’t have machines at CrossFit Jane. We have dedicated coaches, a supportive community and a blank space by your name on the board. It’s up to you how that space is filled in each and every day.


CFJ athletes showing up for a 5 am WOD in the dark.