CrossFit Jane


A Coach's View gives you a small glimpse into the mind and heart of your CFJ coaches. 

Two Beards are Better than One

A Coach’s View...

As Brent and I continue to watch this dream grow and unfold before our eyes, we are incredibly grateful for each and every opportunity we have to work with our athletes. It is one of our top priorities for our growth to remain organic and stay true to our original “garage” roots. We continue to grow from within with an emphasis on strengthening our community and doing our absolute best to meet the needs of each and every CFJ athlete. We are incredibly proud of our CFJ coaches and can assure you that we are committed to furthering our knowledge and understanding of fitness and nutrition.  As our membership increases, our coaching staff continues to grow to develop a strong, unified team working to maintain the individualized coaching and attention that we believe to be the heart of what we do at CrossFit Jane.  

Following this approach, we are thrilled to announce that we are adding another “beard” to our coaching staff at CFJ! Nate “Nate Dawg” Hamilton has accepted our invitation to begin our Coach in Training program. Nate has been an important presence in our community for quite some time, whether he is setting up our box for the CFJ Open or contributing to one of our nutrition workshops.  Nate’s life is a shining example of building a better version of himself. He has revamped his nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and priorities to become a better father, son, husband and athlete.  We know that you will all be excited to help support him as he embarks on this new adventure. Nate will complete the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar on April 11-12.  He will be attending/helping with our next round of fundamentals, shadowing classes, and studying/meeting with our current coaching staff as he transitions into his role as coach.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.  

-Brent and Jaime