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The Second Phone Call

A Coach’s View…

Lynn was at the box for both the phone calls.

She had just returned from a mission trip to Costa Rica. She knew her annual cancer appointment was coming. “They treat it as if it is back every time,” she had told us. We were optimistic. It’s our Lynn. Funky, spunky, cheery, bouncing off the walls Lynn. She would be fine; this is just standard procedure.  Then after class one morning she saw the missed call on her phone. “They didn’t leave a message.” That didn’t sound good. She called her doctor back and through teary eyes she looked at us and gave us the thumbs down sign. Her numbers were up. She had to go for further screening.  Our hearts dropped.

Lynn lives with this cloud over her head. Every appointment could result in a life-changing diagnosis. She fought and won once, but she stays on her toes never knowing when her next fight will come.  If you ask Lynn, she would credit her faith for her strength. She told me she has to learn to trust through the good phone calls and the not so good phone calls.  Her faith is forged by fire.

Last Friday, Lynn got the second call. We were standing around staring at the rings wondering how we could get our first muscle up for 15.3. That seemed like a legitimate concern at the time. Then Lynn’s phone rang. She ran outside to take the call.  The first thing we saw through the windows of the building was the jumping. Lynn was bouncing with an impressive vertical leap. Her petite little fist was punching the sky. She was screaming, “YES!” She ran through the door and hopped into my arms. We jumped and hugged some more.  I could feel the relief, the energy, the joy, the heart pounding out of her chest.  The whole room erupted with shouts and tears of joy. Matt leaned down to Lynn and said, “I’ll take a hug!” There was not a dry eye in the room.  Lynn offered us a huge dose of perspective: “That’s MY muscle up!”

I have to say that second phone call was one of the most genuine, raw shows of emotion that I have ever witnessed. To literally see the weight of the world lifted from a person’s shoulders is amazing.  After the initial celebration, Lynn happily plopped down outside on the sidewalk, oblivious to the cigarette butts from the bar next door, and called her friends and family. It was a beautiful moment.  Lynn celebrated, helped us set up for the CFJ Open that night and returned the next day to knock out some wall balls for her team.

When I look back on the 2015 Open, I don’t know if I will remember anyone’s individual performance, but I know I will remember Lynn’s second phone call. I hope to always be there to celebrate with our athletes when they overcome not just physical trials in the box but the tough calls that life gives us. Thank you, Lynn, for giving me some perspective. I hope to be there for all those hugs.