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Heart and Soul

A Coach’s View...

I am proud of the role models we have in CrossFit. I think that smart, fit people, like Julie Foucher, make fantastic ambassadors and examples for our community. But on a daily basis, I don’t see CrossFit “celebs,” such as Rich Froning and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. What I do see is what I call the heart and soul of CrossFit. Let me introduce you to one such person.

Kristie Hamilton is one of the founding members of CrossFit Jane, meaning she was with us before we had a name and worked out in our garage.  I remember when she started; her youngest son was barely walking (now he is in kindergarten). In the four short years I have known her, Kristie has dealt with some heavy life experiences. She has lost not one but both parents. As she has dealt with life, she has emerged as a profound presence in our community.

Kristie loves CrossFit. I mean she really loves it. She will watch it, read about it, do it, go see it, judge it, and buy anything with the word printed on it. Her boys have only ever known her as a CrossFitting mama. Her husband is also a CrossFitter (I can’t imagine it working if he wasn’t!). She is STRONG - deadlifts a car type of strong. She will take charge and get stuff done. If we need a social gathering or event planned for our community, she is on it. If we need a Pinteresty crafty award made for our Open Closing Ceremony, she is on it. If we need our box bathroom designed and equipped with a chalk board, she is on it and will fill it with her original photography (yes, she is also an amazing amateur photographer).

Kristie competing at the 2014 Goddess Games.

Kristie’s heart and soul hits especially close to home for me.  Simply put, she is on my side and always in my corner.  She knew me as an athlete before she ever knew me as a coach, so when I accomplish something or make a new PR, I always text her because I know she gets it. She knows what is formed from the struggle. She cheers me on as a mom, daughter, coach, athlete and friend.  When I broke some bones and had surgery, she stood in my kitchen and roasted a chicken wrapped in twine while taking care of my kids and driving them around town.  Seriously, twine and fennel.  Who, other than Martha Stewart, uses twine?  Most importantly, she makes homemade paleo mayo for me (I just refuse…”emulsify.” Just. Stop.)! Recently, when I was trying for a PR on a lift, all I could hear was her voice screaming from behind me where she was completing a horrific row WOD.  “GET UP!” I did.  She is heart and soul in my corner.

Kristie loves more than CrossFit; she loves the community.  Kristie does not know how to contain her heart and soul to just the CFJ family. She takes her show on the road. She has visited more CrossFit affiliates than anyone at CFJ. We always laugh because we know if she is not with us, we will see a picture pop up of Kristie at CrossFit San Francisco with Diane Fu or completing an Open WOD at CrossFit Atlanta. She is fearless and passionate.  Whether she is working as a judge for the SuperFit Games or taking pictures for an event at a local affiliate, Kristie is active and engaged with our greater CrossFit community.  

Kristie at San Francisco CrossFit in class with Diane Fu. 

So there you have it. Yes, CrossFit has “the Fittest on Earth” and sponsored athletes who are changing the face of the fitness community, but as for me and my CrossFit box, we have heart and soul.  Kristie is part of the foundation keeping our community strong at CrossFit Jane.  



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