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A Coach’s View....

I have gotten a lot of questions through social media asking for suggestions and advice on how to lose weight and become healthier. I get this feeling that everyone is hoping I will say, “Take this supplement,” or “Just control your portion sizes,” or “Do more sit-ups.” Nobody really wants to hear, “It requires hard work and commitment for the rest of your life,” or “You will need to be intentional in your eating, moving and sleeping for the rest of your life.It’s not a quick fix. We have become a society on a constant hunt for the “easy button.” Buy this lotion, take this pill, drink this cleanse. And yet, as CrossFitters, we are ridiculed for being willing to work hard and push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. We are labeled and criticized for not trying to take the easy way out. Hmmmmm…

If you ask me how to eat, I will say put in the work. Plan and prepare your own meals and eat REAL food. Don’t let restaurants and major food companies prepare it for you. If you ask me how to get fit, I will say put in the work.  Start with “constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity” (yep, that is the textbook definition of CrossFit). If you ask me how to improve your quality of waking hours, I will say put in the work.  Start taking your non-waking hours seriously and sleep.  

While all these suggestions seem pretty straightforward, the truth is they are not. So I add to these suggestions, don’t go it alone. Here is the part where CrossFitters gain their “cult” label. You mean we don’t take the easy way out, and we ask other people to take that journey with us? Yes, that is exactly what we do. It takes a village to manage this crazy world. There is no “easy button” for unexpected illness, or car accidents, or sudden unemployment, but there is support from a community who stand alongside you each and every time life happens. So we form hidden Facebook pages where we share recipes, brag about our physical accomplishments and post articles to educate ourselves and better ourselves as people.  A “cult” of genuine self-improvement is born.

Most people don’t want the truth. It seems too daunting, too overwhelming. It’s too much work with no true end in sight. Are you unhealthy, overweight, overtired, overextended and unhappy? What results have you gotten lately from the “easy button?”  Results aren’t easy. But don’t go it alone. Surround yourself with people who want the best for you and themselves.

We are building better versions of ourselves at CrossFit Jane. Join us.


Jaime Pollard-SmithComment