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A Coach’s View…


As the Open quickly approaches, one of our coaches recently reminded me of all the memorable moments from the Open last year in our community. Our Open took place in the garage of my home (we had not moved to our new facility). Every Friday night and Saturday morning, families gathered to cheer and scream for our athletes. I do not remember scores from last year, but I remember heart, grit, determination and the thrill of seeing someone do something they never thought possible (a first double under, one overhead squat or a really heavy deadlift). I remember the look on the faces of all the kids who were there as spectators, cheering for their parents. We had scaled versions for all the workouts because we wanted everyone to participate. I would like to focus on that word- participate.


Two years ago, a sweet, shy 16 year old girl wanted to try CrossFit with us. She had watched her aunt do amazing things, and she wanted to give it a try. But she wasn’t quite ready to go at it alone, so she asked her mom to try it with her. She didn’t want her mom to watch her do it and be supportive; she wanted her mom to participate (there’s that word again).  Her mom said yes.  Her dad eventually said yes too, but he was a tougher sell. In time, her sister also said yes.

This week as we watched that now 18 year old, strong, confident, young woman powering through 115 pound power cleans in a WOD, I took a moment to pause and consider the incredible gains that came from that mom choosing to participate. She could have stayed on the sidelines and been a cheerleader, her daughter’s biggest fan, but instead she stepped in the game and chose to participate.

We all have a choice whether we want to spend our life existing or LIVING. We can choose to face fear rather than cower from it. We can face the risk of failure in order to reap a grander reward. We can say we will no longer be satisfied as a spectator; we want to be a participant.  

In this moment, choose to move, to take action, to show up, simply put, to participate.  Grab your son, daughter, sister, brother, friend, spouse and get in the game.  


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